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Constructionware is a trade and construction business that works on major building sites from offices to homes and so on. They're aim is to do the dirty work and provide you with a place to be able to live out your potential.


Client Name: Jimmy
Industry: Trade & Construction
Location: Sydney NSW
Size: 10- 30 Staff

Constructionwares is a medium size business who's purpose is to be the main facilitator of change for those looking for a new start and a better life, creating their homes

"Oysterhub were able to restructure our business effectively to help boost growth." 

Jimmy Dunn Vice President

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The Challenge

Jimmy was faced with the challenge of dislinking the director's family ties from the business to ensure that in case of an emergency that it was not all lost. The challenge lied in providing financial security for Jimmy and find alternative collateral for loans to enable business growth.

  • Finding alternative collateral

  • Previous finance broker could not provide effective restructuring advice

  • Complex financial structure

The Approach

We discovered that there was a lack in an effective finance broker who had experience within this regard and we were able to help fill this void when working with Constructionware. Upon observing the projected business cash flow, work in progress, forward order book and other factors a long term approach was devised.

  • Simplify the firm's financial structure

  • Restructure the businesses funding model

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"We understand that different businesses have different structures and we knew this businesses need a restrcuture."

Adarsh Dutt
Co-Founder Oyster Hub , Strategic Business Accountant

The Results

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We were able to attach a financial value on the Jimmy's future work and using the projected cash flows as collateral for the loans that had been secured facilitating in the ability to refinance and recapitalise. This simplified the financial security structure by removing the directors' and families' personal property as collateral. 

In order to ensure sustainability of this restucture and continued benefit we are readily accessible to Jimmy and his team via:

  • Constant financial meeting reviews
  • Constant reviews of working capital needs
  • Ongoing business feedback
  • Oyster Hub experts take care of all the financial hassle

  • Oysterhub restructured their financial strcuture accordingly

  • Jimmy has constant access to the Oysterhub team

  • TIME




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