Tips To Hire The Best NDIS Accountant In Australia

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NDIS Accountant In Australia
  • Choosing and hiring the right NDIS Manager or NDIS accountant  can be a tricky task if you don’t proceed with it tactfully. Your search will begin with first noting down the qualifications you should look for in your prospect NDIS accountants in Australia. 

    What qualifications should you check for when hiring an NDIS accountant?

    Proven Experience With Accounting.

    NDIS management and accounting requires in-depth accounting knowledge because the whole task is mostly about accounting. But with passing years, your NDIS accountant requires to have a lot more knowledge than just basic accounting. Your NDIS accountant will have to interact and manage a huge pool of NDIS providers. Hence, if your candidate comes with additional team and project management skills, it’s a plus for you, and suitable value for money. 

    Now, talking about the degree of accounting expertise, it would be best to hire a NDIS accountant in Australia who comes with a complete certification of any reliable bookkeeping course and has a minimum of one year experience working in a similar field. 

    Instead of looking for certified candidates yourself, if you can afford it, you can easily hire or consult with any trusted accounting firm in Australia. This makes it easy for you to get filtered candidates who come with ascertained certification, and you won’t have to do the hectic groundwork anymore. 

    In-Depth Understanding of NDIS Procedures.

    It may not be absolutely necessary for your NDIS accountant to be familiar with specific details about using NDIS software. But, your NDIS accountant does need to have some significant knowledge about NDIS plans. 

    What should your accountant know about NDIS?

    • What is an NDIS Plan? What are the benefits of an NDIS Plan?
    • What are the budgetary considerations involved in an NDIS Plan?
    • What is the difference between participants, providers, & managers?
    • Which bodies govern the NDIS?
    • How does the NDIS market work?
    • How does the record maintaining procedure work?
    • What are the ideal Quality & Safeguard Guidelines to follow?

    Questions to ask your potential NDIS Accountant?

    Have you worked in my industry before?

    As a business owner, you would want the best professional to manage your NDIS accounting requirements. Hence, you need to ask your prospect whether he or she has relevant experience in your niche/industry of business. It is important because different industries work differently, and NDIS plans management and accounting may not be the same across all industries. 

    Do you prefer formal communication or are you more upfront?

    As an NDIS accountant in Australia, your candidate will require to communicate regularly with different personnel, and hence, it is extremely important to understand how they communicate to understand how good a fit the candidate can be in your processes. You will also need to know the best time to reach out to them, which mode of communication they prefer, for example, calls, emails, or face-to-face meetings. Transparent communication is important here. 

    How do you want to be paid?

    It is important for you to know how your accountant would prefer to be paid to understand and compare their rates with other potential NDIS accountants on your list. Your goal is to get the best services at the best price, so you will need to act accordingly.

    What are the other points to consider when hiring a NDIS Accountant in Australia?

    • Ethical considerations are extremely important when hiring an NDIS accountant. If they fail to maintain discretion and discuss their other clients with you, you need to note that they might discuss your project details with their other clients too, which is not good for you. This is important because you must be able to trust your NDIS accountant with your financial matters. 
    • Lookout for accountants who are okay with misleading the IRS to help you save money. Even though it might seem like a financially beneficial option, it could get you into serious trouble. If your prospect is comfortable with breaking laws, you must not forget the possibility of them lying to you too for their own benefit or convenience. Don’t forget that you will be legally responsible for information they share or misplace. 
    • Beware of NDIS accountants who are offering a huge refund upfront. If someone does that, you need to understand that something is unnatural. A professional and sincere accountant will never promise you an extravagant refund or promise to reduce your expenses without actually studying your finances.

    What qualities to look for in your NDIS Accountant?

    1. Ability to breakdown complex information into a simpler explanation.
    2. Good & Professional Communication Skills.
    3. Familiarity with the latest Accounting Jargon.
    4. Good Organization Skills.
    5. Inherent Honest & Transparent Nature.

    What are the general benefits of hiring a Professional NDIS accountant? 

    • Professional accountants can save you a lot of valuable time and also prevent accounting mistakes that may be heavy on your pockets. 
    • A good NDIS accountant can help you select the most suitable business structure and accounting method.
    • Also, a good accountant can save you from the inevitable headaches during tax seasons. 

    Well now you have the information you need. So, go ahead, and hire a trusted accounting firm or a good NDIS accountant.

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