Start a freelance business while working full-time

By Vik Naidu

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  • Gone are the days when the traditional 9-5 was the only option for earning a pay check. Now, work comes in all shapes and sizes. More and more full-time workers are increasing their income capacity by working freelance, taking advantage of evenings and weekends to earn extra cash.

    Determine your capacity

    Managing full-time work and freelance work is a balancing act. There are only so many hours in the week, so you will need to first determine how much time you can realistically give to your freelance business.

    Survey the market

    Once you’ve decided to journey down this road, take a look around and determine the competition.

    Discover your brand

    As a freelancer, you can work under your own name rather than creating a separate small business. Even so, you as a person, are now your brand. When you are creating a website or business cards to advertise your services, you will need to create your own personal identity.

    Create a portfolio

    In order to win business, most freelancers will be asked to present a portfolio of work. Whether it’s online or as a hard copy, it’s your chance to showcase your talent

    Manage your time

    Even if you’re not an organised person, running a successful freelance business will force you to make good use of calendars, diaries and time-management apps.

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