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NDIS with Junaid

Junaid had a vision we just helped him launch it.

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NDIS Care is the National Disability Insurance Scheme where it is aimed to help people with disabilities receive direct funding. We want to be able to give Junaid the ability to live a life of significance as best as possible. We want him to feel as if his disability is not a hinderance to his life so we want to get him on the right path.


Client Name: Junaid Dicloit
Industry: Cycling
Location: Sydney NSW
Size: 1- 10 Staff

Junaid being a potential Olympic Cycler had an injury which left him disabled and now he is on a mission to help fellow diabled cyclers to be the best possible version of themselves and not let their disability hinder them.

"My Disability Will Not Stop Me and Neither Should You" 

Junaid Dicloit Owner

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The Challenge

The challenge Junaid faced was he had no NDIS tax expert in his back corner supporting him previously and hence was not exposed to any of the benefits available to him and hence had no understanding of the availabilities surrounding the NDIS for him. This was challenging as he began to fall into dissaray as he wasn't able to grow his business and firm at the rate he wanted to.

  • Previous NDIS tax accountant was not being helpful

  • No one to lean into to learn from

The Approach

The approach we leveraged to overcome this challenge was by educating Junaid surrounding the benefits of NDIS and what he was able to leverage to help his situation. We wanted to make sure Junaid's business was not plagued in the finances department and implemented means of starting a plan, managing the plan before then changing the plan.

  • NDIS Specialists

  • Business Coaching

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"It's been a pleasure to help Junaid help people look at their disability as an opportunity."

Adarsh Dutt
Co-Founder Oyster Hub , Strategic Business Accountant

The Results

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The results we were able to help Junaid secure have helped get his business of the ground and help him live out his vision. To Junaid that was his biggest goal in life to help the disabled look at their life as an opportunity.

Junaid began to grow his business and was actually recently been able to help over 103 disabled people start to fulfill their dreams and use the cycling lifestyle as a means of opening the door up for people with a disability.

With Adarsh at the helm, Junaid was able to save over $32000 and invest it back towards growing his business and changing the dynamic for his business.

  • Helped get Junaid more benefits

  • Saved $32000

  • Educated the benefits for running your NDIS business

  • TIME




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