Don’t Forget to Ask your Broker these 5 questions

By Vik Naidu

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  • In today’s rat race, EVERYONE is busy; students, employees, professionals, business owners…EVERYONE.  So when it comes to loans, and financial decisions these are generally the last things on your mind however impose the most financial stress.  This forces us to help you to whittle down all the loan options provided in the market and source out what is best for you!  Many mortgage brokers however have money only on the front end of their mind and not you, so we helped put together 5 tips that will ensure you find the best mortgage broker for you…

    1. Experience & Commitment

    Look for a broker who has experience in the industry that has proven track results behind him that have both provided a good financial and psychological reward for the customer.

    1. Discuss ALL financial objectives

     Provide all information to your mortgage broker from A-Z, we as brokers will not judge your financial situation as we know how tough it is to live in Australia financially.  Only by you providing us with ALL necessary information are we able to assess your financial situation and enforce strategies that optimise your results.

    1. Understand what is being recommended

     Your mortgage broker upon review will assess your financial situation and outlay a range of recommendations.  Generally, all of these recommendations will help your financial situation, however some will help more than others.  Hence due to this reason it is best you sit down with your mortgage broker to fully grasp why they have recommended what they have and deduce, which option best fits your situation.

    1. Check fees and chargers

     We as a company are honest and fair with our fees and charges, however some brokers generally can be deceitful and manipulative, so it is best to check what you have been charged for and whether or not it is a fair rate in comparison to the general standing.

    1. Do your homework

     Don’t be too fixated on general expenses as this may cost you long term future objectives by sacrificing short term goals.  In essence the BEST loan for you is one that meets your financial goals.

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