Is your accountant a charity Expert?

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Our mission is to help yours

At Oysterhub, we value your mission and how you help society and the community and the impact that you make and this is where we want to help you; take your charity to it's heights whilst keeping your books in check.

There is a completely different mindset for the production of accounts for a not-for-profit or charity because you are heavily involved in achieving your mission. However for an accountant these accounts always become more satisfying since we understand there is a bigger purpose for your work.

Biggest mistakes charities make in their accounts 

  • Calculation Errors

  • Reporting the size of the charity

  • Reporting financial information not related to the registered charity

  • Not providing a complete set of financial statements

  • Not referencing the certain laws and regulations

how we take care of your headaches

At Oysterhub we can help steer your not-for-profit (NFP) sector through tighter reporting requirements and looming changes in reporting standards.

We fill the gap in the mismatch in skillsets, help you implement cloud based accounting techniques, report financial information, provide a complete set of financial records, reference certain regulations and oversee your available tax concessions.


How to regsiter your charity and Not-for-Profit Organsition

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Author: Adarsh Dutt

Co-Founder. Strategic Business Accountant

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