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Using Cloud Accounting to Save Time

Automation can increase your efficiency and keep you buzzing with profitability.

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Detroit Hives is one of the largest honey sales' firms in this industry but have been having problems in the back end with their books because so much time was going towards their unproductive tasks, which could be automated.


Client Name: Dew Sommersberry 
Industry: Food
Location: Sydney, NSW
Size: 15-30 Staff

Detroit Hives is a honey business, who's drive is to provide customers with the best honey in the state to satisfy their cravings.

"Oysterhub help clear our mind so we can focus on providing honey of high quality." 

Dew Sommersberry President

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The Challenge

Detroit Hives is a business in the food industry who's passion is to make honey and provide honey for the people to enjoy. Their focal point is not automation. The challenge lied in Detroit Hives inability to automate any of their processes whereby everything was still paper based meaning that they had to attribute an additional 10 hours per week on unneccesary means of productions.

  • No prior systems in place linked with automation

  • Previous accountant did everything using receipts and paperwork

  • Concerns about inefficiency of their tracking systems

The Approach

We had to completely revamp the systems in Detroit Hives and put all their receipts and paperwork onto a cloud based system. Although initially we understood this would take some short term hits of inefficiency to their business long term would ensure sustainability.

  • Receipt Banking

  • Quickbooks automation services

  • Transfer of documentation

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"Our passion is automation - our passion is helping businesses save time to live out their passions."

Adarsh Dutt
Co-Founder Oyster Hub , Strategic Business Accountant

The Results

finding the pearl

Oysterhub were able to facilitate in some phenomenal traction for Detroit Hives. After careful planning and consideration and then inevtably application of this information we were able to enforce certain procedures that maifested in fruitful automation cooming into fruition.

By implementing Quickbooks services, receipt banking etc. we have been able to provide a platform for automation to kick into play moving all the paperwork and documentation to an online cloud based system.

Throigh this Detroit Hives have not only be able to save projected tens of thousands of dollars in the upcoming years the biggest win from their mouth has been "time". Giving them another 10 hours per week in time coming from them previously investing it into these unproductive tasks. 

  • Saving them up to 10 hours per week

  • Put all processes on a cloud based system

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness

  • Projected savings of tens of thousands of dollars

  • Time

  • Money

  • Security


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