Do you have a Plan for your Business ?

By Vik Naidu

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  • Here’s how to set your business on its correct route! “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed, the vision pulls you” ~ Steve Jobs

    A business without a vision is doomed for a gloomy finish as evident via Steve Jobs quote a passion and a drive for you to do something great can only be executed if you have a vision for yourself and your business.

    To shift your business from a directionless business towards its correct route you must begin with setting clear goals with a primed plan so that you have a destination and a clear route on how to reach that goal.  If you are to begin your undertakings without this initial step you will bear a likeness to beginning a road trip without knowing where you are heading nor how you will get there, hence resulting in a wastage of time, fuel and effort with no reward.

    A business – YOUR business – can only achieve its utmost potential and reap maximum results provided the master – YOU – behind the occurrences knows exactly what direction the business is heading.  This can only be achieved by understanding each and every problem and then deciphering a solution for implementation to overcome the set hindrances in the way of your business and your goals.  Through insightful analysis of the problems that you will face as a business owner not only will it increase your problem-solving skills rather open your mind to explore the previously unknown in order to attain different perspectives as a business owner that will enable you to become one step closer to your goal.

    Business Goals can be split into two categories; short term goals and long term goals, which provide more clarity and a clearer pathway towards success.  Short term goals essentially encompass the framework of short term objectives, acting as a roadmap to achieve longer term goals.  These short term goals would mainly focus on day-to-day activities that would need to be completed such that over a period of time you get closer and closer to achieving your long term goals.  Long Term Goals generally have a framework exceeding 5 years and are generally linked to the company’s purpose, functionality and offerings to customers and cliental.  These could consist of financial, structural and operational goals.  For instance goals relating to efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing business productivity via improved business systems.  Hence for this reason you must have a clear mindset to ensure objectives are concise, certain and  well explained.

    Flexibility and Adaptability to change is a significant attribute many businesses must conjure into their business processes.  Business in the 21st Century has changed significantly as we move from the Industrial Age to the Information Age where things happen almost instantaneously.  Due to this businesses must be constantly evolving and adapting to the indicative changes all around them to stay on top of the game.  This inevitably will reduce the induced stress upon your business when an unforeseen shock takes place therefore enabling you to overcome these unexpected surprises and continue towards your goals.

    Finally, the most crucial component regarding ensuring your business is on it’s correct pathway and not wandering aimlessly is to ensure timeliness.  Regardless of what plan is put in place if it is not applied correctly and in a timely fashion then it ay lead to failure.  In today’s society a clear vision, direction and the support from someone of a leadership role, someone with more experience, someone who has the “fruits on the tree” so to speak can prove vital in taking your business up a notch and derive effective strategies to optimise your businesses results.  This essentially mitigates the room for mistakes but secures a more efficient and accurate procedure.

    Feel free to contact the experts here at Oyster Hub to take that next step, enabling them to provide you with an optimal pathway in achieving your goals and dreams on your journey towards success!

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