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Platinum Electrical's Road to QuickBooks Online

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Platinum Electrical is a small electrical business that is a franchise specialising in domestic renewable energy systems and solar powered systems. The owner David reached out to Oysterhub to help transition his business to assist with bookkeeping and accounting needs. Our goal was to help them save on lazy accountant tasks so that they can automate certain processes.


Client Name: David Smith
Industry: Electrical
Location: Sydney, NSW
Size: 1- 10 Staff

Platinum Electrical is a franchise business that provides residential and commercial electrical services through renewable energy sources.

"The team at Oysterhub has helped me save around 8 hours per week, which I used to spend manually doing paperwork"

~ David Smith Founder ~

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The Challenge

There were a few business roadblocks that were in the way and Platinum Electricals had to overcome in order to improve their efficiency and put more time back in their pocket so they can partake in more effective practices. 

  • Platinum Electrical were previously on Desktop and Excel packages but found it difficult to use

  • Knew nothing about bookkeeping and accounting knowledge

  • Investment of time into the wrong areas

The Approach

Using Quickbooks online systems that helped David with online client invoicing and automatic reminders to provide a real time overview of his businesses performance and cut down manual paperwork process. We realised that we needed to take a rather drastic approach to help Platinum Electricals reap the benefits from automation and simultaneously help transfer an abundance of information over to cloud based systems.

  • Quickbooks

  • Paperless Bookkeeping

  • Receipt Banking

  • Virtual CFO

Adarsh Dutt portrait image

"Our passion is helping people save time because we know people go into business ownership because they are looking for more time"

Adarsh Dutt
Co-Founder Oyster Hub , Strategic Business Accountant

The Results

finding the pearl

Automation is the key to being able to invest more time into more effective procedures to help propel the business and organisation forward. Our goal was to help David and his company to do this.  Our first step was to transition all their systems to cloud based technologies. As a byproduct this would help them to have an efficiency in procedures and propel their business forward. We did this by moving their accounting and bookkeeping to Quickbooks, portraying to them how to use Receipt Bank and others. 

Due to automation and moving to cloud based systems Oysterhub has been able to help David save between 8-10 hours per week on unproductive tasks!


  • Transitioned all systems to cloud based technologies

  • Saved David between 8-10 hours per week on unproductive tasks

  • TIME




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