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No Experience Startup Business

How to get your business off the ground and running as a new start up.



Lakers is a new surfing company trying to establish themselves in the market. With competition in this industry at an all time high they knew they needed business coaching to facilitate in a smooth transition to becoming a big business.


Client Name: Lorna Livia
Industry: Surfing
Location: Sydney NSW
Size: 1- 10 Staff

Laker's is a small business that is in the process of launching. Lorna has a passion and appreciation for 'catching waves' and wanting people to experience the outdoor lifestyle.

"It was refreshing to see the Oysterhub team care about my purpose as much as i did." 

Lorna Livia Founder

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The Challenge

Lorna faced some serious challenges in differentiating her startup with other businesses. Although very passionate about her vision she knew that she needed business coaching to grow and succeed. Many of the challenges she faced surrounded getting the business started right, leveraging cloud based accounting platforms for growth, meeting ATO compliance and many other challenges.

  • No previous experience with startup new aged business

  • Not make the same mistake as traditional businesses and lean towards old aged accounting methods

  • Lack of planning and finding the right people

  • Lack of mentorship and business coaching

The Approach

As a business coach our approach was proactive ensuring we position Lakers as a successful startup that would manifest in enabling Lakers to focus on their craft whilst we focus on ours. We aimed to coach her in all aspects of the business and introduce certain systems such as Quickbooks, Receipt Bank etc. that enables them to put their mind to more positive elements.

  • Start Up Business Boost

  • Attain high quality business coaching

  • Cloud Payroll Systems

Adarsh Dutt portrait image

"Coaching the Laker's organisation has been a blessing due to their submission."

Adarsh Dutt
Co-Founder Oyster Hub , Strategic Business Accountant

The Results

finding the pearl

The results experienced by Laker's have been phenomenal in such a short period of time. By gaining access to the mentorship and coaching provided by Oysterhub they have been able to live by their values and add value to their community as opposed to just going by day by day with no real means of effectiveness. Lakers submitted themselves to the guidance provided by Oysterhub and immediately were able to seperate themselves from their competition.

In the past few months Laker's have started to create a brand for themselves due to their ability to focus on everything surrounding their brand and their passions, giving all the dirty work to Oysterhub - from their bookkeeping to their accounting. They have been able to increase awareness by up to 81% and have increased their market share at one of the fastest rates relative to other surf shops nearby.


  • 24/7 access to cloud based systems

  • Growth Plan and Strategy Training Sessions

  • Activation of mentorship and coaching

  • Systems in alignment

  • Time

  • Money

  • Security


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