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Jumping Jacks SEO Marketing

The market is always competitive and what will help you stand out from the crowd

Jumping Jacks Case Study


Jumping Jacks are one of the most prominent and visually appealing jumping castle services company around. The problem is their inability to stand out from the crowd and get their name out to customers.


Client Name: Jack Guliacko
Industry: Jumping Castles, Entertainment
Location: Sydney NSW
Size: 1- 10 Staff

Jumping Jacks is a small business that has been in operation for 16 months generating a rather large following. However since it is a family business the whole family runs everything inside and out with the sole purpose of providing fun and an entertainment service for people within the community.

"I'm Passionate about providing people with a service that provides happiness and I want to scale the happiness nationally" 

Jack Guliacko President

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The Challenge

Jackie was almost about to give up on his website and gaining exposure on online platforms because he was receiving no traction nor real traffic from the internet. The business was not a large business rather very small and got off the ground and running purely based off word of mouth and referrals. However this could not encompass Jackie's dream of going national. The main challenged was getting their website and name in the first few searches on Google and stand out from the competition.

  • Previous business coach was not qualified in the realms of SEO optimisation

  • No major cashflow to fund paying for someone to create an optimised website

  • No true business direction

  • Want to be sure that they don't spend to much time on SEO optimisation

The Approach

We took a very proactive approach as business coaches to help optimise Jackie's business website so that the SEO was ranking in the top 5 in searches linking with their website. We leveraged cloud based systems and website portals that facilitated in increasing the optimisation level of key words so Google searches were in alignment with the websites growth strategies.

  • Business Coaching

  • SEO Optimisation

  • Cloud Based Strategies

Adarsh Dutt portrait image

"SEO Optimisation is one of the fastest growing techniques to help your business stand out in the modern society."

Adarsh Dutt
Co-Founder Oyster Hub , Strategic Business Accountant

The Results

finding the pearl

Helping Jackie with SEO optimisation throughout his business and his website was actually able to fully enhance the capacity and ability of their website. We spent an abundance of time researching and scowering competitors websites to see the verbiage used in order to increase the SEO when the business name was searched. 

After identifying trends in the words and language we coached Jackie to be able to grow his business so we can help his vision of bringing the business national. The wesbite started to gain more traction and increased traffic coming through the business.

  • Business Coaching and Guidance

  • SEO Optimisation

  • Top 5 in SEO Optimisation

  • Revenue growth exceeded expectations by over 80%

  • TIME




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