5 Ways to Reap the most out of YOUR Accountant

By Vik Naidu

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  • Your accountant should essentially be your financial parent, being the most valuable resource in relation to protecting your finances and furthering your business.  You should be able to turn to them for advice in all facets of your businesses operations alike to how a child reaches out for their parents help.

    You as a business owner are probably thinking; How do I get the most out of my accountant? What do I need to do to find the right accountant? What qualities do they need to be the correct one?  The answer to all these questions can be found in 5 easy but impactful tips…


    1. Recognise Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    It’s a simple concept to understand and in turn implement.  Lets look at it like this…do you install all the cables throughout your office?

    You can, but you generally don’t…why is that?  The reason is that we understand that there is someone who can do a better job, more efficiently, reliably and cost effectively hence we usually outsource the job to them.  So why do small business owners reverse this approach when it comes to their finances, taxation, accounting etc.  The most successful businesses are the ones who focus on their strengths and outsource their weaknesses.


    1. Be prepared!!!

    Being prepared when meeting your accounting and understanding how best they can help your cause will inevitably help you ask relevant and appropriate questions that will maximise the benefits of your invested time.


    1. Help your accountant to help your business

    By making sure you have all your work organised for your accountant to look over you start to begin to maximise the time you have available with them.  This then enables them to complete all the basic stuff within a limited amount of time and use the freed up time to find strategies that can both save you money or open new doors for you that lead to new opportunities.


    1. Don’t take any shortcuts

    In essence this conjures down to the simple fact; “Prevention is far better than a cure”.

    By taking shortcuts you open the door to vulnerability in your business that can cause detrimental effects to your business later down the track.  So save your time and save your money by doing it the right way, because hey after all investing an extra hundreds of dollars and a few hours doing it correctly is much better than spending thousands of dollars and weeks fixing the problem.


    1. Take advantage of FREE, yes you heard right FREE, consultations

    Accountants generally have a few of these from time to time to help clients improve their finances hence these could be beneficial to you and inevitable grow your business in ways you previously would never have conceived possible.


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