5 lessons you can learn from your small business clients

By Vik Naidu

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  • Do you own your own accounting firm? Your small business clients could be a serious source of inspiration. They are doing everything you are, from branding their business to finding new clients and managing their cash flow. Here are five lessons you can learn from your small business clients.

    1 Never stop learning

    Small business owners know the realities of business. It’s hard, it’s time-consuming and it’s demanding. But it can also be extremely rewarding with endless possibilities. In order to succeed in a competitive market, small business owners know the power of learning. Whether it’s learning how to be a better leader, learning how to grow a business or learning how to create a better product or service, small business owners should never stop learning.

    2 Pursue new avenues of growth

    For a business to thrive, it needs to constantly be growing. Even a successful business owner can’t sit back and relax once they reach a certain point of success, they constantly need to be pursuing new avenues of growth. You can always reach more customers, achieve more sales, see more traffic to your website and ultimately, help more people. Just like your own clients, you too can be looking for new ways to improve and grow your accounting firm.

    3 Embrace technology

    In order to achieve success, small business owners are required to embrace new technology. Instead of viewing technology as a hindrance, it needs to be seen as an opportunity. It could allow you to serve your customers faster, complete your work more efficiently or even prevent mistakes. If you feel overwhelmed by technology, start small. Listen to your clients to see if they have any recommendations and bring in someone to help you and your staff get trained on new technology and processes.

    4 Always watch your cash flow

    If there’s anything your clients have taught you over the years, or rather you’ve taught them, it’s the important of cash flow. You need to keep a constant eye on your cash flow, not just in the first few years, but forever. Review your finances often, and consider completing an expense check every financial year. See where you can cut costs and how your business can run more effectively. Your small business clients know that managing cash flow is one of the keys to success.

    5 Work hard

    No doubt, some of your clients are the hardest working people you know. It takes long hours and serious determination to get a small business off the ground, and to keep one running year after year. Your clients have shown you their perseverance, even when they’ve had a rough year and their commitment to pursuing their dreams. You can take their example and run your own firm with the same gumption. Work hard but always remember to celebrate your wins along the way.

    To further understand how to optimize your ability to learn from your clients feel free to do your own further research or book in your free discovery call!



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